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Local Academic Scholarship

Information for the SFPE Greater Atlanta Chapter Foundation Local Scholarship Award

The SFPE Greater Atlanta Chapter (SFPE GAC) Foundation seeks candidates, who are engaged part-time, including long-distance learning, in obtaining a fire protection engineering or engineering technology degree, to receive a scholarship award from the SFPE GAC Foundation. The SFPE GAC Foundation will award one or more academic scholarships of at least $1,000 to deserving applicants based on requirements set forth below.

The actual number of the scholarships awarded will be determined by the Foundation based on the total number of qualified applicants, the total funds available for award, and other relevant factors established by the Foundation. Other criteria that may be considered in the award of a scholarship including financial need, academic achievement, community involvement, and association with fire protection. Each case will be evaluated separately on the basis of all facts submitted, with a qualitative rather than quantitative emphasis.

The Local Scholarship is open to part-time students, residing in the geographic area served by the Chapter, who are enrolled in an approved fire protection/fire safety engineering or fire protection/fire safety engineering technology program at an accredited university and who are actively matriculating towards either an undergraduate with a minimum of 30 undergraduate credit hours earned or graduate degree (no minimum of credit hours required). The following programs are currently pre-approved by the Chapter:
▲ University of Maryland: BS-FPE, ME-FPE
▲ Worcester Polytechnic Institute: MS-FPE
▲ California Polytechnic State University: MS-FPE
▲ Oklahoma State University: BS-FPET

▲ Eastern Kentucky University: BS-FPET
▲ UNC Charlotte: BS-FPET, MS-FPET (Fire Protection)

Other academic programs may also be approved upon submission of relevant course of study program curricula with the scholarship application.

The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to promote the development of fire protection engineers and professionals in the fire protection industry who are from and/or desire to work in the Southeastern United States, preferably in the Greater Atlanta area. Accordingly, all scholarship awards will be based on consideration of the following:
▲ Permanent residence in the geographic area served by the SFPE GAC.
▲ Demonstrates a sincere interest in pursuing a career in fire protection engineering.
▲ Enrolled as a student in a fire protection/fire safety engineering or fire protection engineering/fire safety technology curriculum leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
▲ Will have completed a minimum of 30 undergraduate credit hours (if undergraduate student) by the date of application submission.

Although candidates who are either from the Southeastern United States or who show a desire to relocate there after graduation will be given preference over others, the award of a scholarship is not limited by this geographical preference. All candidates must submit the following by the application deadline for consideration:
▲ Completed SFPE GAC FOundation Academic Scholarship application.
▲ A copy of your academic transcript of all undergraduate and graduate programs.
▲ A confidential Letter of Recommendation from your School Advisor, Guidance Counselor, or Program Chairperson sent directly to the Foundation.
▲ Proof of permanent residence in the geographical area served by the SFPE GAC.
▲ Proof of SFPE membership, including student chapter membership.
▲ Relevant course of study program curricula (if not enrolled in one of the pre-approved programs identified above).
▲ Any other information the applicant feels would assist the Foundation in the selection process.

Applications will be available on or about January 1 of each year. Completed Applications with Letter of Introduction from the student and the Letter of Recommendation from the faculty advisor shall be received no later than midnight (EST) February 28 of each year.  All submissions shall be electronic via email.

The scholarship is awarded without regard to race, color, creed, ethnic background, gender, or physical capabilities. The Chapter is under no obligation to award any scholarships.

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