Lunch Meeting Agenda


Meeting Date
Monday  December 10, 2018 

We are pleased to have Kyle Smith & Shawn Mohr” who will be speaking on Overview of NFPA 3000: Standard for an Active shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Programat our December meeting.

Kyle Smith
is a Battalion Chief with Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services, assigned to Battalion 5.  He has been in the fire service for 24 years and worked in career and volunteer fire departments.  Chief Smith also works as a consultant for a fire protection engineering firm where he has obtained fire protection certifications from NFPA and NICET.  Kyle has been a certified instructor since 2004, teaching for local, and State agencies, both hands-on and classroom, along with several national/regional conferences.  Chief Smith also represents the fire service on the NFPA 14-Standpipe Systems technical committee.

Shawn Mohr started his career in the fire service with Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services in 2007, after being honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps.  Shawn has a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing from Georgia Highlands.  Besides working as a Registered Nurse and Paramedic he currently is an ACLS instructor, an Active Attack Integrated Response instructor, and works at Cobb County station 10 as a Lieutenant on Medical Operations. 


“Overview of NFPA 3000: Standard for an Active shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program”

Nationwide and around the globe, communities are facing an increasing number of tragedies involving active shooter and/or hostile events. The need for an integrated preparedness, response, and recovery program is greater than ever before.  This program will provide an overview of NFPA 3000, and discuss some of the possible ways consultants are assisting Building Owner, Occupants, or AHJ.  


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