Lunch Meeting Agenda


Meeting Date
Monday  June 11, 2018 –

Speaker: John Frank, P.E., FSFPE – XL Catlin/Property Risk Engineering / GAPS

John has been working in Fire Protection and the Highly Protected Insurance Industry for the past 37 years. He seeks to combine his experience in military, municipal, and industrial firefighting with fire protection engineering and business skills to develop with the best possible solutions for his global clients. John is currently the Technical Risks Leader at XL Catlin/Property Risk Engineering / GAPS. He also manages their research group who’s responsibly included natural catastrophe evaluations. He holds a BS in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology, an MBA, and a Graduate Certificate in Fire Protection Engineering from WPI. He is actively involved in NFPA committees and currently leads the SFPE on-line PE review course. 

Program: “Protecting Fire Protection Systems from Natural Hazards”

Last year Hurricane Harvey knocked out power to a chemical plant. This resulted in a loss of refrigeration and subsequent overheating of chemicals leading to a thermal decomposition and fire. This session will discuss how to evaluate natural hazards and their potential impact on fire protection and safety systems. Protection of critical protection equipment from natural hazards will be discussed.


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