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What every person wants to know about NICET special hazard systems but were afraid to ask

FSSA has formed a new partnered with Greater Atlanta Chapter of SFPE to present a techincal training course covering special hazards fire protection systems. This one day course will provide the skills and ability to assist participants to prepare for all levels of NICET Special Hazard exams and certification. FSSA is an authorized training partner of NICET. The five FSSA member speakers for this course are all designers/installers of these systems and will highlight various case studies during their presentation.

This NICET Approved FSSA course offering will consist of five one hour sessions on Tuesday March 16, 2021, one day prior to the 17th annual Greater Atlanta Chapter of SFPE Fire Safety Conference. The focus of these 60 minute courses will include special protection systems as follows:

• Water Mist 8:30-9:30
• CO2 10:00-11:00
• Foam 12:30 –1:30
• Clean Agents I – Halocarbon Clean Agents 2:00-3:00
• Clean Agents II – Inert Gas Clean Agents 3:30-4:30

If you are planning to get certified for NICET Special Hazards this is the subject matter you need to know.