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This registration includes your choice of 2020 SFPE Fire Safety Conference on Wednesday, March 11th.

Wednesday Sessions – March 11

Session 1A

The Do’s and Don’t of Smoke Control System Design  
–  Michael J. Ferreira, P.E., FSFPE Vice President Jensen Hughes 


Session 1B

Understanding NFPA 3000 – Standard for an Active Scooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program
–  Kyle Smith Battalion Chief – Cobb County Fire & Emergency Senior Hazmat Consultant – Teglian Engineering and Consulting

Session 1C

Freedom to Design: How Much Freedom is There in Today’s FPE Environment

– Carl Baldassarra, P.E., FSFPE Principal Wiss, Janney, Elstner Asssociates

Session 1D

Collision Course: Using Data to Close the Gaps Between Fire Protection Engineering & Fire Code Enforcement

Matt Hinds-Aldrick, Ph.D. Program Manager – Data & Analytics NFPA

Session 2A

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems Impact on  Reliability

Scott Futrell, P.E., FSFPE, CFPS, CFEI, SET President & Founder Futrell Fire Consult & Design, Inc. 

Session 2B

Flammable and Combustible Liquids Storage, Handling, and Dispensing Requirements
– Jason Pritchett Fire Safety Compliance Officer – Hazardous Materials Division GA State Fire Marshal’s Office

Session 2C

Arizona Battery Fire

Robert Duval New England Regional Director/Senior Fire Investigator NFPA

Session 2D

The Design Fire – Selecting Input Parameters for Fire & Egress Modeling Approaches

– David Stacy, P.E. Principal/Founder Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLCC

Session 3A

Facilities and Film – How TV & Film Productions Use Stage & Warehouse Space

– Sean Watkins State Manager Eagle Rock Studios, Atlanta

Session 3B

Peformance Testing of a Wetting Agent on Deep Seated Fires

-James Andy Lynch Owner Fire Solutions Group

Session 3C

Preparing Hospitals for teh Environment of Care & Life Safety Chapters of The Joint Commission Accrediation Survey
–  Pamela D. Reno Senior Fire Protection Consultant Telgian Engineering and Consulting

Session 3D

Holy Hastag, Batman@ Who Jokered my Internet? A Case Study of Recent Fires that Have Disrupted Internet Service

-Steve Dryden, P.E. Senior Fire Protection Engineer Henderson Engineers

Session 4A

When Bad Things Happen to Good Systems..A Review of Selected Fire Protection System Failures 
– Daniel L. Arnold, P.E., FSFPE Partner Seneca Fire Engineering LLC  -Mike Ernst Coffman Engineers, Inc.

Session 4B

Historical Fires
– Thomas Gardner & Matt Guilfoyle – Harrington Group

Session 4C

Topic to Be Announced November 30

Don Austin Regional Sales Manager Notifier

Session 4D

Drones and Firefighting 
– Matt Sloane CEO Skyfire Consulting