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Registration for Tuesday, March 16 and Wednesday, March 17 for the 2021 SFPE Greater Atlanta Chapter Fire Safety Conference. Please select the Seminar you would like to attend Tuesday, March 16, and the sessions you would like to attend on Wednesday, March 17, by using the dropdown box below.

Important Note: Transfers between Tuesday Seminars and Wednesday Sessions is NOT permitted. 

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This registration includes your choice of 2021 SFPE Pre-Conference Seminars 1 – 4 on Tuesday, March 16th and the 2021 SFPE Fire Safety Conference on Wednesday, March 17th.

Lineup of Seminars and Class Sessions for 2021

Tuesday Seminars March 16

Seminar 1

Lithium Ion Battery Panel Discussion 8:30 – 11:45
– Scott Stookey, Lee Kaiser, Jonathan Ingram, Casey Grant & William Sudah 

Bidirectional Amplification Panel Discussion 1:30-2:30

Air Sampling 2:45-4:15

Seminar 2

NFPA 101 Life Safety Evaluation (Chapter 12)

Usha Tyson, Larry Labbe, Matt Shannon, Nick Dawe

NICET Special Hazards

NICET Fire Alarm 

Wednesday Sessions – March 17

Session 1A

Spaceports and the Development of NFPA 461  
–  Doug Fisher Principal Fisher Engineering, Inc. 


Session 1B

Test, Verify, Decument-What’s in Your Integrated Testing Playbook?
–  Robert Solomon, Chief Development Officer SLS Consulting, Inc. 

Session 1C

Covid – 19 AHJ Discussion

– Matthew Phillips – Gwinnett County Fire, Rock Toller – Cobb County, Chief Young – Baldwin County

Session 1D

Fire Hazards and Protection Research Group, FM Global

 Stanislav Kostka, Sr. Senior Research Scientist, Fire Hazards and Protection Research Group, FM Global

Session 2A

Addressing Fire Alarm Systems Compliance Methodologies 

-Todd Laeger Alarm System Auditor Underwriter’s Laboratories 

Session 2B

Data Center/Special Suppression
– Lee Kaiser Orr Protection Systems

Session 2C

Sprinklered CaliforniaWarehouse Destroyed By Fire

Robert Duval New England Regional Director/Senior Fire Investigator NFPA

Session 2D

Tall Tiber Buildings: A US  Perspective

– Sean DeCrane Manager Industry Relations Building & L/S Technologies Underwriters Laboratory

Session 3A

Additive Manufacturing Combustible Dust Hazards: Properly Protecting 3D  Printers & Makerspaces

– Chris Unangst, PE, CSP Sr. Chemical Engineer Jensen Hughes

Session 3B

Boat Storage

-Tracy Bellamy Cheif Engineering Officer Tegain Holdings, Inc. & Tom Gardner Harrington Group, Inc. 

Session 3C


–  Bill Koffel President Koffel Associates

Session 3D

The Role of Sprinkler Protection for Engergy Storage Systems

-Ben Ditch Sr. Lead Reserach Engineer/Engineering & Research Tech. Team Leader FM Global

Session 4A

Reaction to COVID Pandemic 
– Russ Leavitt Executive Chari Telgain Holdings, Inc. 

Session 4B

Navigating the “New Normal” Covid-19 Social Distancing Simulation for Public Spaces & Buildings
-Robert Gerard, PE Sr Fire Protection Engineer Coffman. 

Session 4C

Hanger Foam Systems: Recent Field Experience, Environmenatl Concerns, and the Serach for Alternatives 

-Jim Milke, PhD, Professor/Chair UMD and Doug Fisher, Principal Fisher Engineering

Session 4D

Fire Pumps and the 2022 Edition of NFPA 20
– Milosh Puchovsky Professor of Practive/Associate Deparment Head WPI