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Registration for Tuesday, March 13, for the 2018 SFPE Greater Atlanta Chapter Fire Safety Conference. Please select the Pre-Conference Seminar you would like to attend Tuesday, March 13, by using the drop down box below.

Important Note: Transfers between seminars are NOT permitted on-site.

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This registration includes your choice of 2018 SFPE Pre-Conference Seminars 1 – 4 on Tuesday, March 13th.

Tuesday Seminars

Seminar 1

Performance-Based Design Evaluations for Property Insurance Risks
John A. Frank, P.E., FSFPE, CPCU SVP, Loss Prevention Center of Excellence Property Risk Engineering/GAPS XL Catlin

Seminar 2

Engineered Fire Detection and Notification
Jeffrey Moore, P.E., FSFPE Senior Fire Protection Engineer Jensen Hughes

Seminar 3

Design, Selection, Installation, and Testing of Fire Pumps
Samuel M. Beale III, P.E., FSFPE Founder S.M. Beale Associates

Seminar 4

2018 Technology Symposium

Manufacturer’s present technical data behind fire protection products and present behind the scene information that cannot be found in code books.